We Too Are One
1989's "We Too Are One" was to be
Eurythmics last album before Annie and
Dave embarked upon successful solo
careers.  Its warm, sophisticated rock
and pop sound foreshadowed the
direction Annie would take as a solo
artist.  Dave's prominent singing on the
single "(My My) Baby's Gonna Cry"
hinted at his Spiritual Cowboys solo
album to come.  As the 80s came to a
close, Eurythmics were still breaking
new ground musically and visually.
Los Angeles TV interview to promote We Too Are One, with
performances from the private press and fan gig at the
Pantages Theatre, August 28, 1989

EXTRA - Eurythmics Come To America 1989 - Boston and Chicago
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Don't Ask Me Why - 1989
The sophisticated video for Don't Ask Me
seems inspired by the night club
scenes in David Lynch's film "Blue
Velvet".  By the time Eurythmics had
started recording
We Too Are One, Annie
and Dave had been together so much
that they couldn't even be in the same
room with one another.  Interestingly
enough, there is a subtle element in
this video in which an unseen presence
approaches, intruding upon or coming
between, the both of them.

Directed by Sophie Muller
The King & Queen of America - 1989
Donald and Ivana Trump, Pat Sajak and
Vanna White, George and Barbara Bush,
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans...just a few of
the many lampoons featured in this witty
video, wherein Dave and Annie poke fun
at the cult of celebrity and the so-called
icons of American or Western life.  
Reported complaints by irate American
radio listeners, who felt that the U.S. and
its lifestyle were being mocked,
contributed to the single's lack of airplay
in the U.S.

Directed by Willy Smax
Angel - 1989
The video for the ballad "Angel" has
Annie and Dave participating in a seance,
presumably to contact the spirit of a lost
loved one.  A good reference point for the
idea behind this controversial clip is the
1964 British cult film "Seance On A Wet
Afternoon", as the imagery of the video
seems inspired by the film.  There is a
suggestion in the video that the seance
participants are drinking tea or coffee
laced with something, as there is a
repeated visual of some substance being
dropped into cups before being served.  
The video ends dramatically with Dave
rescuing a reluctant Annie from a burning
room, indicating that perhaps her contact
with the other side did not go as positively
as had been expected.  Reportedly
censored by MTV for its occult imagery,
the video aired on VH-1 in the U.S. back
in early 1990.

Directed by Sophie Muller
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We Too Are One
Revival - 1989
(My My) Baby's Gonna Cry - 1989
The first single in Europe from We Too
Are One
was also a video first for the
duo - a light-hearted
semi-choreographed dance clip
showcasing the vagabondish-look of the
Revival tour.  It was a bit odd at the
time to see Dave and Annie acting
normal.  The song is interpreted
fairly literally in the video and ends with
a bizarre turn from Dave Stewart.  

Directed by Sophie Muller
The video for "Baby's Gonna Cry" is an
interesting collage of images taken from
Revival tour and woven together into a
cohesive whole by long-time video
collaborator Sophie Muller.  Perhaps the
most interesting thing about this video is
the playful animosity between Dave and
Annie, who were soon to go their separate
ways and embark on solo careers.  

Directed by Sophie Muller