I've Got A Life - 2005
I've Got A Life is the first new video from
Eurythmics in nearly six years and is
directed by
Matthew Rolston.  As the clip
begins, Annie Lennox ushers us through a
parade of memorable images from
Eurythmics' video past, elegantly strutting
past flickering television monitors.  Is
there a sense of self-examination at the
iconic imagery, or is it just the emotions
echoed in the lyrics of the song?  After all,
the last time we saw Annie in a video with
a baton she was having a hard time
keeping all those characters in line.  As the
tempo picks up, we are suddenly
transported via disco ball to a pulsating
electro-dance hall where Annie and Dave
Stewart are performing, surrounded by
dancers representing people from all walks
of life and from all predilections - we're all
icons of a certain sort.  As the song
reaches it climax, the video cuts back and
forth between the performance and Annie
in the room of monitors, still flickering with
those iconic images.  As the clip ends,
Annie slowly walks away, back turned to
the audience, and just as she is about to
exit, looks back at us with all her natural
authority.  Eurythmics are looking both
backward and forward with
and there is no doubt the time is
right to pay homage to their past
accomplishments and look forward to their
next ones.

Directed by Matthew Rolston
Still from the filming of the
brand new video "I've Got A
Life" from the new remastered
greatest hits CD entitled
"Ultimate Collection".  Thanks
to Ino at
eThrill.net for this pic.
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