Who's That Girl? - 1983  
The video for Eurythmics' electro-torch
Who's That Girl? is set in a
dimly lit nightclub where Annie Lennox
plays a tormented chanteuse.  Her lover,
played by Dave Stewart, cavorts with other
women who just happen to resemble
famous real-life celebrities such as
Elizabeth Taylor, Meryl Streep and Debbie
Harry.  Guest cameos by Bananarama and
cross-dressing singer Marilyn as some of
Dave's paramours adds to the fun.  But
Annie has the last laugh when she hooks
up with a stranger who has been watching
her performance in the audience.  She
raised eyebrows by playing not only herself
in the video, but her love interest as well,
culminating in the jaw-dropping shot of
Annie kissing "herself" at the end of the
video, then sarcastically winking at the

Directed by Duncan Gibbons
Here Comes the Rain Again - 1983
Some of the images in Eurythmics' video
for the hit single
Here Comes The Rain Again
seem inspired by imagery from Federico
Fellini's film "Juliet of the Spirits" and the
Meryl Streep period piece "The French
Lieutenant's Woman."  The remote setting
of Scotland's Orkney Islands provides the
perfect backdrop for the haunting and
lonely feeling of the song.  Annie Lennox
plays a woman who is waiting or searching
for her lover, real or imaginary.  Dave
Stewart adds an ominous presence as an
unacknowledged figure who watches and
films her from the shadows.  As the video
reaches it conclusion and Annie wanders
alone along the majestic cliff line, a
shadowy figure can be seen running
towards her.  Perhaps her love has returned
at last - or is it something more sinister?

Directed by Dave Stewart,
John Gerschfield &
Jon Roseman
Right By Your Side - 1983  
Eurythmics' video for Right By Your Side was
filmed on the
Touch tour, and was the first of
theirs to show the band in a live setting.  
The performance features the Croquettes,
the backing vocalists on the tour.  Annie's
initially startling leopard print outfit would
quickly become an iconic look of the 1980s.

Directed by Chris Ashbrook &
Jon Roseman
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