Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) - 1983
The video for Eurythmics' #1 world-wide
hit "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"
was a visual breakthrough and joined a
long line of provocative and ground
breaking clips that the duo would release
over the next decade.  With its Luis
Buñuel and Gilbert & George-inspired
visuals and its pointed commentary on
such ideas as fame, power, and feminism,
the video and song struck a chord with
critics and the record-buying public alike.  
The themes and ideas expressed in both
would serve as a mantra for Eurythmics'
musical philosophy throughout their

Directed by Dave Stewart &
Chris Ashbrook
Love Is A Stranger - 1983  
The executives at MTV were scratching
their heads when they received this
unusual video from Dave and Annie in
1983.  Exploring various forms of sexual
obsession, Annie Lennox plays a call girl,
a dominatrix, and finally a transsexual,
as Dave Stewart's character watches
silently and indulges in a little fetishism
of his own.  Legend has it that MTV
demanded Annie's birth certificate in
order to determine whether she was
male or female.  This single and video
was actually released first in the U.K.,
but did not become a hit until after the
success of "Sweet Dreams".

Directed by Mike Brady
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