When Tomorrow Comes - 1986
"When Tomorrow Comes" is a unusual
performance video showcasing the look
and style of the
Revenge band.  Simple
effects, combined with the minimalist set
and the editing techniques, create a
dream-like feel.  Annie is alternately
sleepy and wide awake, echoing the
lyrics of the song.

Directed by Chris Ashbrook &
David A. Stewart
Thorn In My Side - 1986
"Thorn In My Side" is a bright,
cartoon-like, color-saturated romp of a
video set in a biker bar and featuring
real Hells Angels as extras.  Annie
seems quite perturbed in this video at
some former love, and her and Stewart
crackle with electric energy.  The band
looks and sounds great - a fine
performance video, vividly shot, and
perfectly suited to the music.

Directed by Chris Ashbrook &
David A. Stewart
The Miracle of Love - 1986
"The Miracle of Love" is composed of
film that Dave Stewart shot whilst
Eurythmics toured in support of
Interspersed with real news images, the
video evokes a new meaning from the
music.  Cinema-verite style and
definitely one for the art house crowd.  
Annie looks beautiful, shot outside
amongst the trees, somewhere on tour.

Directed by David A. Stewart
Missionary Man - 1986
The amazing video for the hit single
"Missionary Man", called "ultra-sensual"
by Rolling Stone magazine, is a
tongue-in-cheek look at the wages of
sin.  Experimental and advanced for its
time, the omission of key frames from
the final cut of the video resulted in the
visually stunning robotic-like motions of
Annie, Dave and the band.  This song,
with its ground breaking new wave and
blues hybrid, still really hasn't been

Directed by Willy Smax
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selling album.  That same year saw the
duo embark on an ambitious world-wide
arena trek, dubbed "The Revenge Tour".  
Several videos favoring more
straight-ahead performing were filmed, to
coincide with the tour.