I Saved the World Today - 1999
Directed by Sophie Muller, I Saved The World
was the first new Eurythmics video in ten
years.  The song deals with the universal
struggle human beings face in trying to better
their world.   Using war and peace as a
metaphor, Dave, Annie, and the band perform
as an army outfit, with an orchestra comprised
of military brass.  The video starts off dark
and melancholy as Annie ruminates about
selfishness and indifference.  As the song
reaches its peak, Dave and Annie attempt to
sign a peace treaty - but things go awry when
ink is spilled all over the document and their
efforts are halted.  The video then becomes
an exercise in joyful cynicism as Annie, Dave
and the band gleefully end the song with
upbeat irony - a pat on the back for an
attempt to do something that is never fully

Directed by Sophie Muller
17 Again - 1999
"17 Again" is the second Eurythmics video
from the album "Peace." Directed by Dave
Stewart, the video is alternately disturbing in
its imagery and critical in its commentary. A
companion piece of sorts to "I Saved The
World Today" in terms of set design and
costuming, the clip ignited some controversy
when first presented to VH-1 and was
reportedly shown thereafter in an edited

In the video, a camouflage-clad Annie and
Dave, along with the Peace Army band, are
again performing in a large concert hall
when suddenly war erupts and everyone is
pelted with gunfire.  Symbolizing the attacks
and intrusions that artists and celebrities
must endure by the media and fans, the
video delivers a pointed commentary on
public irresponsibility.  With it's
"Matrix"-style photography and graphic
gunfire images, "17 Again" is ground
breaking and definitely unlike anything
Eurythmics have done in the past. It is a
unique and worthy addition to their
impressive collection of cutting-edge music

Directed by David A. Stewart
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