Would I Lie To You? - 1985
In the Spring of 1985, Annie and Dave
surprised everyone by abandoning their cool
synthesizer sound and releasing the rock and
soul masterpiece "Be Yourself Tonight,"
featuring the smash single "Would I Lie To
You?"  Annie Lennox also abandoned her icy,
androgynous image (for the moment) for a
sexy, slinky look that propelled this classic
performance video to #1 on MTV's Video
Countdown.  Actor Steven Bauer (
Thief of Hearts
) plays Annie's biker boyfriend
in the video and
Billy Poveda (Oil Factory)
plays the dancing, suit-wearing hipster who
jumps on stage towards the end of the
video.  In addition, Eurythmics fan club
members were invited to be part of the

Directed by Mary Lambert
There Must Be An Angel (Playing with My Heart) - 1985  
Dave and Annie's unique video style can be
traced back to many art and independent
films.  The video for the 1985 single "There
Must Be An Angel" pays tribute to the
opening scene of Ken Russell's controversial
film "The Devils."  The story is set in the
court of the Sun King, Louis XIV of France
(played by Dave Stewart), and Annie
Lennox is the angelic chanteuse brought in
to entertain His Majesty.  For awhile it
seems that the King is bored with the
performance, but as the song reaches its
crescendo he becomes enraptured, and at
the end praises the singer, lavishing her
with extravagant gifts to show his
appreciation.  The whimsical video
reportedly was supposed to be darker in
tone than the finished product, although
subtle elements of such can be found upon
close inspection.

Directed by Eddie Arno &
Mark Innocenti
Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves - 1985
Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox duet on
Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves, the
feminist anthem that would turn out to be
one of Eurythmics' most enduring and
popular songs, covered by a wide range of
artists and featured in many film promos.  
The performance video is interspersed with
archival news and film footage of women
and their accomplishments and setbacks.  
Dave Stewart even appears in the  video
for an amazing guitar solo sequence.

Directed by Eddie Arno &
Mark Innocenti
It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back) - 1985  
The video for the fourth single from the
Be Yourself Tonight was
It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back), an
innovative clip that blends live action with
animation, something that was a rarity in
music videos at that time.  In the video,
Annie Lennox is involved in a car accident
and ends up in a hospital where her
telepathic vibes reach Dave Stewart, who
hops on planes, trains and automobiles to
get to her.  The feel of the music evokes a
Dusty in Memphis style, which
Annie Lennox uses to full advantage in her
look for the video.

Directed by Willy Smax
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Be Yourself Tonight