Sexcrime (1984) - 1984
When Eurythmics were asked to compose
original music for director Michael Radford's
film version of George Orwell's
1984, the result
was a provocative and ground breaking
electronica album that was years ahead of the
ambient and techno movement.  The hit U.K.
Sexcrime (1984) generated controversy
in the United States resulting in little airplay.  
The song reflected
1984 author George
Orwell's vision of a society where sexual
relations are outlawed, but this concept was
lost on radio programmers amid the U.S.
Government's rock music indecency hearings
in the early to mid 1980s.  The intriguing
video intersperses clips from the film with
shots of Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart in full
Orwellian guise.  Chilling and appropriate, the
video accurately reflects the desperation of
Orwell's futuristic society.

Directed by Chris Ashbrook
Julia - 1984
One of the protagonists of Orwell's novel is
Julia, who struggles with her feelings for
Winston in a society where love is against
the law.  The second single from
1984 (For
the Love of Big Brother
) was Julia, a lovely and
haunting song featuring impressive guitar
work from Stewart and another mesmerizing
vocal performance from Lennox.  
The video featured Annie alone, shot in
close up, for the entire song.  This intimate
theme was later repeated in the video for
Sinead O'Connor's hit single
Compares 2 U

Directed by Chris Ashbrook
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1984 (For the Love of Big Brother)